Thursday, January 6, 2011


    The life of a stay at home Mom and her activities with her children (child in my case) seem to be stifled once Old Man Winter comes around. Of course there are always inside things for Mommys to be doing, but the house gets boring pretty quickly when you are inside for the majority of time So, let's see...we could go to the Mall, or Target (my favorite), The Thrift Store, ToysRUs, etc...but those would involve fun spending money (usually:(. Hence, my post for today. From the pictures, it kind of looks like we have a backyard, right? Welllll, we don't. Welcome to our 10 by 10 square of grass behind our townhouse. Lately it has been a haven for some quick trips outside, then back in to warm a bit, then back out..and mannnnn, has it ever been a lifesaver. Today we drug Mr. Giraffe along out with us, and before you criticize him for being "eyeless" (which he is) he used to be mine as a little girl and my Nana saved him, and passed him along back to us. (Thanks Nan:) He is the perfect height for Cam right now, and she loves riding him. "horsey style," see, I am still trying to convince her that he is a giraffe. All you Moms that are reading this, after about 5 minutes of being out and me snapping these pictures, "glubs" and a hat were added (a necessity..its chilly!)
I am counting my blessings that we get a few more quick outside trips before it is too bitter to exit the house, and you better believe both of us are counting down days until the Spring. Bring on the warm weather, cause's cold outside.

Fun with Mr.Giraffe

Elmo enjoyed a ride too.

Happy to be out of the house..need I say more.