Sunday, May 30, 2010

More Park Favorites

Getting So Big

This little lady will turn 1 this Thursday! Look how grown up she is!


Spent some time at the park again today. The swings were too hot for Camryn to sit on, so she had to sit on Troy's lap. I had to beg him to take her:) (sense my sarcasm) She is always content, happy and safe on Daddy's lap, no matter if it's on a swing or not:) Camryn and Daddy are crazy about each other...can you tell?

Sleepy Head

Troy and I always try and peek at Camryn sleeping..there's just something about a sleeping baby that is just so peaceful! I love to see Camryn's little booty in the air in her favorite sleeping position. Daddy finally caught a picture today right before the little stinker woke up! We usually would never dare to risk to take a picture, but today it worked out in our favor:)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Now This Is Our Kind of Weather Part 2

When Daddy came home we hit up the pool again! This girl can SPLASH! She makes the funniest faces when water gets on her face but she keeps right on splashing. Thanks to her cousins she has quite the collection of bathing suits to sport..this is the closest she will get to a "kini"...Daddy said even this suit was pushing it:) A few of our favorites...

Now This Is Our Kind of Weather- Part 1

We had a great day today outside enjoying this beautiful weather! Nevermind that I didn't get anything accomplished inside! Oh well..there's always tomorrow! This afternoon we spread out a blanket outside and sat and played and sang..I am trying to teach Camryn "The Itsy Bitsy Spider," ..her version of it is making the "sssss......" sound the entire time- I guess that's her singing! She tries to copy me with the motions but ends up just flailing her arms! She does love music though.. so we'll keep singing...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

She Loves the Water

We bought Cam Cam a little pink pool for our deck..along with a bee watering can and a pink mermaid..which are strictly pool toys:) She loves the water and couldn't have been happier splashing around in the sun!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lil Stinker

All i can say is she takes after her father...

Mother's Day (Cont.)

kisses for Mam

Right after this, she had to SMELL the flower too!
The Greatest MamMam!

Monday night we had my in-laws over for Mother's day dinner. As per Deb's (My mom-in-law) request we had Chicken Chilli and her favorite strawberry pretzel dessert. Pop came too and we had a nice meal! camryn gave Mam her rosebush! We picked the little yellow rosebush for MamMam, since she calls Camryn "her little Sunshine." I just noticed that the rose type is called Sun Sprinkles- PERFECT!! Camryn had a great time with Pop and Mam, as did Troy and I. We are certainly blessed with wonderful Moms!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day with my parents!

Happy Mother's day to all the Moms in my life and in blogging world! My closest "Moms"...a little shout out..

My Mom- After chasing around my budding walker and experienced crawler I have a new respect for you raising me early as a single Mother. You ( and Dad too!) have invested so much in me throughout the years and have shaped me into who I am today. As many times that I said it wouldn't happen...I have become you:) I love you today, tomorrow and forever! Thank you for your unending wisdom! I LOVE YOU!

My Mother-in-Law- You have raised the man of my dreams and a wonderful husband, father, friend, and person! I have a special love for you and you never cease to amaze me with your giving and thoughtfulness. You are wonderful- I LOVE YOU!

Aunt Bebe- My Godmother and "doer of all that my Mom hated" .aka...helping me cut my hair, feeding me sugar, taking us to Disney. You are so special to me and I treasure you!

Nana Brown- whom I call my namesake..sharing my middle name of May and now Camryn's too. You have been such a loving, selfless influence in my life. I have your smell and your smooth skin memorized! I love you so much.

Nana Swanger- I have so many fond memories of your backyard and holidays together. Even though time, and distance have kept us apart, I love you today like I always have.

Grandma Betty- I think of your generosity and your sweet spirit often. Your squeezes and kisses and support I knew I always had. You loved me like one of your own and I miss all your wisdom.

Grandma Knepp- I love that I feel as if I have been part of your family forever. I picture you making sure everyone is always happy. I love your sense of humor and the things you have done for Troy and I. You are so special.

Aunt Jenny- You thought you were my mother gorwing up, but I just call that being bossy:)
I still say you were more of my big sis than my aunt- you can always make me laugh, smile and always know the right things to say! You are a great Mom! LOVE YOU!

My sissy-in-laws- I couldn't have picked a better bunch! I love you!

My mommy friends- I appreciate your advice, listening ears, helping hands...this Mommy thing binds us together forever:)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

11 Month Hippo Pic

I couldn't resist!... Gone are the days of her HAPPILY laying next to Hippo for a pic.

Little Miss Nature

Daddy played some tennis with a friend tonight and we joined him at the park! It's a challenge to get a crawling/busy/curious little girl to stay on a blanket and not eat everything in sight! Between grass, pine cones, dandelions, and dirt...there was always something that apparently looked yummy to Camryn! We are loving this weather! Bring on Summertime!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We were sitting in our kitchen, listening to Camryn "talk" for about 15 minutes before we realized we should be recording it. She was fired up about something and wanted to let us know. What she was trying to say, we'll probably never know.....but it was hilarious! The video is a bit lengthy, but well worth the time!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Trails

The Happy hikers!

Oh my dear hubby....he was so excited about seeing that rattlesnake that he didn't put up the real pictures you want to see:) Actually, I am super proud of him for taking the camera along, as usually it is my job to capture all the action. I can't say that I am happy that he encountered a snake, especially with such precious cargo- I guess she was high enough! I'm just glad I wasn't along.. Here are my favorite hikers:)