Monday, June 28, 2010

First Bday Party

Sunday afternoon we had Camryn's big family bday party. It was a super scorcher, but ended up being a great time! The kids played on the playground, the adults stayed in the shade and we ate and ate and ate! Camryn was more into her cake this time around! We had a great time! Needless to say it is taking a few days for us to recooperate!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Walking Part 2

Walking Part 1

Blogging Time Out

Well, I know you haven't heard from the Sauer's in some time now- it may be due to 3 soccer camps in 2 weeks for me, 2 camps for Troy and not to mention his "everyday" grad class. Phew- we made it, but not without help from my wonderful Mom (and Dad!) Mother-in-law and father-in-law too! Everybody got some extra Cam time, which was great! Supposedly she was good least that's what they told me! :) It's so nice not to have to worry, Cam had great care..she always does!!
So during this blog time out Camryn decided she wanted to walk and TODAY, at a little over 12 months took 10 PLUS big steps across the living room! She now thinks she is big stuff.:) I did take 2 little videos for a future post.
Tomorrow is also her "belated" bday party, which will bring both sides of out families back together again-- they haven't been in all one place since our wedding!! They get along so well, and I am anxious to see everyone. Hopefully Camryn will be in good spirits too, but you never know...we shall see!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup

It's World Cup time people. Anyone that knows this family realizes that this is one of the biggest events ever! The games are always on here! We are obviously US fans HOWEVER when you find a Brazi ljersey at a yardsale for 50 cents, you can't pass it up. She has a little growing to do before she can really wear it! Brazil played today, and we all (maybe not Camryn) watched!
Training both feet. (She usually tries to kick with her left!)

Celebrating with grace after scoring a goal!

Goalkeeper camp for Camryn
Camryn practices her reffing skills.
We here at the Sauer house take the World Cup very seriously.

Camryn- 1 Year

A friend on mine from college, once again, took Camryn's pictures. Below are some of my favorites! I have been absent from the blogging world dealing with a teething one year old who isn't sleeping the best these days, has a bit of a cold and is getting a little personality!! In addition to that, the school year has ended for Troy but he is finishing up his last class for his Masters in Admin! YEAAAAHH! We are both running a soccer camp this week and I also have 2 more in the coming week! Hence, we have just been super busy!

Camryn is now... taking some small steps on her own, loves dogs, calls everyone a baby, is intentionally playing more, blows kisses, knows what to do with her brush, a tissue, and where her bows go. (She is constantly pulling them out, then trying to get them back in!) It is just amazing how you see her little brain working ALL THE TIME!

Enjoy my 1 year old!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

1 Year Hippo Pic!!

I know, I am a day early, but I can't guarantee that tomorrow I will take the time to post! We have lots planned!:) What a difference a year makes! Our baby is 1!