Saturday, June 26, 2010

Blogging Time Out

Well, I know you haven't heard from the Sauer's in some time now- it may be due to 3 soccer camps in 2 weeks for me, 2 camps for Troy and not to mention his "everyday" grad class. Phew- we made it, but not without help from my wonderful Mom (and Dad!) Mother-in-law and father-in-law too! Everybody got some extra Cam time, which was great! Supposedly she was good least that's what they told me! :) It's so nice not to have to worry, Cam had great care..she always does!!
So during this blog time out Camryn decided she wanted to walk and TODAY, at a little over 12 months took 10 PLUS big steps across the living room! She now thinks she is big stuff.:) I did take 2 little videos for a future post.
Tomorrow is also her "belated" bday party, which will bring both sides of out families back together again-- they haven't been in all one place since our wedding!! They get along so well, and I am anxious to see everyone. Hopefully Camryn will be in good spirits too, but you never know...we shall see!!!