Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little Mommy

I recently got some backgrounds to use with MillieMay Photography, and I got them out today to flatten out the wrinkles. Someone else had other plans for them, and thought it would be a good place to play babies. She didn't really want me to take pictures of her..hence the lay down and play tired look. Camryn loves her babies and loves to rock them, hold them, and smooch them. I am thankful that she has such a nurturing spirit, I hope she keeps it around.:)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Juice Box Kid

We have started letting Camryn have a juice box every now and again as a treat/snack. She thinks they are really cool because she can drink out of the straw. She is getting better at not tiliting the box. She knows that she needs to be sitting in the kitchen for this snack to happen. :) I like it that way.:)
Here she is enjoying her juice box for the day! Happy rest of the weekend!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh Valentine

Camryn got this card in the mail from my Nana, her great grandmother. If you look closely it has 2 of her favorites..a crocodile(which she says really funny) and the word "gosh." Yes, that's right, she has heard someone in this household say it and she now uses it ALL THE TIME. She mostly uses it in reference to one of her little friends, "Gosh Toby!" (Toby is a busy guy these days:) Anyway..thanks for the Valentine Nana! We fed the piggy bank too! Happy Valentines Day to all!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I am beginning to think that Camryn shares my love of creating. She is always asking to stamp, color, paint, etc. We recently took a huge box, cut windows and a door and she uses it as her canvas. I cook, clean, etc in the kitchen and she colors away! Daddy and I strategically planned the open doors and windows so we can see what she is up to in there! :)  I love that she loves projects...I feel like they have just begun:)

Fingerpainting with Daddy

Worried that Daddy has paint on his hand..

My little Artist

Dress Up with Mommy's scarf

Prepping for V-Day

You Know..constructing houses..

coloring walls..

..poking holes in the side with a crayon. typical Saturday.

WHO threw the pizza and WHO is going to pick it up?

Someone threw pizza on the floor tonight, finally accepted ownership, then thought someone else would pick it up..AND IT WASN'T TROY..imagine that:)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Frosty and Friends

Sunday we got together with some of our friends for Tacos, TV and snow fun. Camryn enjoyed sledding and playing with her friends and especially building a Frosty.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Toys of the Day

green baby sunglasses- $1.00
old cell phone- $?
wooden bench with hammer-through pegs- $1.99 (@ the Thrift Store)
= a morning's entertainment!

These were Camryn's favorite toys today and they kept her busy most of the morning.
It amazes me as I see her play "change" The wooden bench she of course used the hammer on, then she stacked the pegs, then we peeked through the holes, and the list continues..

Her sunglasses she put on, put up on her head (like Mommy does), put them on all her babies and Frosty, etc..

So fun. She's something else, that's for sure.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Halfway There

We are halfway there with Camryn learning her name. She can say Camryn and Sauer separately but doesn't quite get how to get them together. And throw May in the middle, forget it. Here we are practicing the art of saying her name. Look for a new post in the future with it perfected. It may be weeks months.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nothing like...

jumping on the bed and looking at yourself in the mirror!
Happy snow day!
At least to this family!
We are loving it!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Yet again THANKFUL!

I am so thankful once again for my husband. Many evenings he comes home from work and gets right to the floor in his work clothes to play with Camryn. He always seems to "sense" when it's been a long day around here and will jump in to help with anything. He loves her, she adores him.....I love it.
Camryn loves to read with him, especially "George."

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Everyday Life

One of my resolutions this year, (not that I ever keep them) is to try and capture more of our everyday life here at the Sauer house.I have albums upon albums of little, cropped, pretty package pictures of Camryn. I feel sort of guilty that I am always looking for the cute shot. Not anymore, and this is my maiden voyage.
This is real life at our house...follow the captions, please.

"Mommy, outside?"

"Mommy, come out from behind the camera to go outside."


"Let's go Camryn, you don't have a coat on...c'mon"


Now that's real life.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another Snow Day- for lack of better thought!

This morning we were pleasantly surprised that the ground was once again covered in snow. Camryn was thrilled by this and stood for what seemed like hours at our sliding glass door gazing outside. Of course, she talked about the "schnoooow" and threw in a few Santas and Frostys. We all bundled, including Mommy who wore a beanie, apparently for the first time in Camryn's life. She stared and stared at me like I had some sort of dead animal of my head. I told her that Mommy's had to wear hats too, and she just smiled. Sometimes I really wonder what she is thinking. Outside we went, and she wanted nothing to do with being pulled in the sled, I volunteered to sit and be pulled around but Daddy said no. She wanted to "wak," and that she did. She strutted down the middle of the town homes, wagging her big puffy snow pants bum, and clopping her heavy, light-up, hand-me-down snow boots, and squinting as little flakes blew in and past her face. She was lovin' it. We finally convinced her to get in the sled, and she did...for a picture or 2, then she was done. I have pictures of her in that sled from last year, but this year..she is one independent woman.
Daddy shoveled the driveway and we broke out the sidewalk chalk- our 2 front porch steps were/are "snow-less" therefore providing the perfect canvas for some drawing. We drew, of course, snowflakes. Daddy made Cam a little Frosty, and gave her a little love toss of snow, right in the which she responded how any little girl would- with a pure look of "no you did not just do that." (see for yourself) She really was a bit peeved for a moment or 2, until Daddy won her heart back by coloring with chalk with her.
We stayed out for just about an hour, until all of us needed more tissues, and our cheeks a new shade of red.
I am typing this entry, Daddy is grading tests, and Camryn is snoozing away....I guess a day in the snow is pretty exhausting.

Yes, that is the snow Daddy is throwing...right on her.

"the look" she is giving her Daddy after her snow shower

Nothing a little soap and water can't fix.