Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blogging Vacation

For the next week or so I will be on a blogging vacation! Troy has been really sick and I am working overtime to take care of him and keep Camryn and I healthy! The doctor said for him to not have contact with her (or me!:() for the next week, so looks like Mommy is on duty 24/7! I am busy sanitizing/cloroxing/washing/changing diapers and cooking!

Hope everyone has a great week and please keep us in your prayers!

First Halloween

Found My Feet AGAIN!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pictures with Miss Cranky Pants

Aunt Jenny had given us a gift card to the Picture People at my baby shower so we finally went yesterday and got a family picture taken as well as a few of Camryn. Miss Camryn was not into having her picture taken and was what I like to call "cranky pants." However, the photographer was very nice and worked very hard and did capture this one- the stare with bubbles on the lip! We used our gift card and got a nice big family picture and a nice big picture of our little crankster.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mommy and Camryn

MamMam took some pictures of Mommy and Camryn playing! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Good Posture Peanut

Before I begin I just noted that this is my 100 blog post! I am sorry to brag, but I am quite impressed with myself! I didn't know how much I would be able to keep up with this, but I think I have "dun purdy good." Excuse me for that little Bethel-ism, it comes up every once in a while. For those of you that don't know, Bethel is the little map dot town that I grew up in! A good ol'country town! Ode to Bethel! You can see my Mommy brain is a little off track today. SOOO, with that being said I hope you are enjoying these updates as well!
ANYWAY! I took some pictures of Camryn this morning before I fed her, baby food that is---yeahhh!!! She amazes me that she sits straight as a board, I hope her good posture continues as mine is not the best, and Daddy's is even worse! Maybe she will take after my mom who was in posture pageants or something of that sort! She waits patiently for me to get things together- bowl, spoon, food, bib, wet paper towel, etc! I am new at this you know! Food update: She LOVES squash, carrots and is undecided yet about sweet potatoes! I am sure I will post a video soon of her devouring food (shaking her head, lunging toward the spoon, etc) I hope she will be a good eater for me, she is so far! We have just got through the orange veggies, now on to the greens!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Big Game

As true Messiah soccer fans (obviously) we know how big next weeks big game is and we are preparing way in advance! Thanks to Zach, Ally and Bella Camryn has her own pump-up gear! She is super excited about the game although I am not sure if she'll be there! I will leave you with this...GO MESSIAH, BEAT ETOWN!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Teething Make Everyone Whinier

I apologize in advance for the continous "whine" in this video- I think this little girl is getting more teeth!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

This little toofer

I have been working really hard to capture a picture of Camryn's first tooth! This afternoon she was smiling wide for me to get some! It's tiny..but it's there! Click on the picture to make it larger and you might get a better glimpse! She has been a bit fussy and REALLY drooly so I wont be surprised if we see another one in the near future!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rice Cereal (video)

At Camryn's appt. the doctor gave us the go-ahead to start Camryn on some rice cereal. This morning while Daddy was home Camryn had her first taste! She did really well and took a couple spoonfulls! Not bad for her first try! Her little hands were after the spoon, but got the hang of it after a couple tries! We will keep practicing a bit before we move into the good stuff! Here's a little video that Daddy took (it's a bit shaky)but shows you the first couple attempts!

Jump-A-Roo (video)

Camryn's new favorite toy is the jump-a-roo! She goes wild in it!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

4 month checkup!

Camryn May turned 4 months old this past Saturday! Most of my previous posts are pictures, this time I am going to bore you with words. I know a picture of Camryn is much cuter, but this will have to do!

Updates! Camryn is now 14.9 lbs. (75th) 24.5 inches (75th) and 50th for her head size. The doctor is very pleased with her growth! Camryn was super cooperative getting weighed and measured by the nurse and hamming it up in the waiting room with Mammam, Pop and I. (Troy's parents accompanied me to the Dr.'s office- as last time Camryn got shots she was a bit of a handful! It was so nice to have some moral support for Mommy too!) I love our pediatrician as he is such a people person and camryn warmed up to him fairly quickly (something she rarely does) He was SUPER IMPRESSED with her head control and strength and compared it to that of a 7-8 month old! He said we have an athlete on our hands--we're hopeful!:) The nurse came back in to do the shots- Camryn took them again like a champ and cried, but calmed down fairly quickly when Mommy scooped her up. We even saw a little smile before we left the room. We went home and Camryn was ready for a nap, and she ended up sleeping a good 2.5 hours!! Mam took some pictures of the experience for me (I am greatful!) but I will have to post them later!

Mommy also hit a milestone and left Camryn in the nursery this morning at MOPS (a mothers group at our church) Camryn didn't cry when I handed her over but Mommy did! I quickly whisked myself off to the bathroom to pull it together, clenched my pager that I was sure was going to go off at any second and headed for breakfast and a time of sharing at my Mom's table! I didn't get paged at all (it went from 9-11) and the girls said Camryn was the best! Imagine this...she sat and stared at all the other kids:) She got a little card that says, "Camryn was happy today and pooped"- that's her in a nutshell!

Our speaker and topic this morning at MOPS was how to instill in your children a heart for service. Once again I was teary thinking about how much my Mom did that for me- visiting an elderly friend, making meals for others, taking back carts, holding doors, and the list continues! God calls us to serve our fellow man and show his love. I only hope that I can do that for my own daughter! Thanks Mom for teaching me at a young age the importance of serving others!

Pictures of Camryn's visit to come!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Horsey Bibs

On a cool, Fall day...break out the horsey bibbers.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

4 months

Look at my baby growing up... 4 months old today!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Grandparents love to shop!

Camryn is blessed with Grandparents who are quick to help with whatever she needs! In that case, Troy and I are blessed too for all they do for us!

Grandpa and Grandpa Orendo knew Camryn would need something warm for all these Fall night games- here she is bundled in her snow-suit enjoying (maybe?) a soccer game!

horsey overalls! camryn LOVES the little stuffed horse in the front pocket!

Pop Pop and MamMam Sauer recently took us to the Gymboree outlet for some Fall/Winter shopping! Here Camryn is modeling a new dress! For some reason she wasn't into a fashion show like Mommy was. :)