Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another Snow Day- for lack of better thought!

This morning we were pleasantly surprised that the ground was once again covered in snow. Camryn was thrilled by this and stood for what seemed like hours at our sliding glass door gazing outside. Of course, she talked about the "schnoooow" and threw in a few Santas and Frostys. We all bundled, including Mommy who wore a beanie, apparently for the first time in Camryn's life. She stared and stared at me like I had some sort of dead animal of my head. I told her that Mommy's had to wear hats too, and she just smiled. Sometimes I really wonder what she is thinking. Outside we went, and she wanted nothing to do with being pulled in the sled, I volunteered to sit and be pulled around but Daddy said no. She wanted to "wak," and that she did. She strutted down the middle of the town homes, wagging her big puffy snow pants bum, and clopping her heavy, light-up, hand-me-down snow boots, and squinting as little flakes blew in and past her face. She was lovin' it. We finally convinced her to get in the sled, and she did...for a picture or 2, then she was done. I have pictures of her in that sled from last year, but this year..she is one independent woman.
Daddy shoveled the driveway and we broke out the sidewalk chalk- our 2 front porch steps were/are "snow-less" therefore providing the perfect canvas for some drawing. We drew, of course, snowflakes. Daddy made Cam a little Frosty, and gave her a little love toss of snow, right in the which she responded how any little girl would- with a pure look of "no you did not just do that." (see for yourself) She really was a bit peeved for a moment or 2, until Daddy won her heart back by coloring with chalk with her.
We stayed out for just about an hour, until all of us needed more tissues, and our cheeks a new shade of red.
I am typing this entry, Daddy is grading tests, and Camryn is snoozing away....I guess a day in the snow is pretty exhausting.

Yes, that is the snow Daddy is throwing...right on her.

"the look" she is giving her Daddy after her snow shower

Nothing a little soap and water can't fix.