Monday, January 3, 2011

The Face of Mischief

It's been a little more mild these past few days, and you better believe we escaped the walls of our home that we have been looking at:)..not that I don't LOVE being home (especially when Troy is home!:)..but it's nice to get out..and not have to spend money to do so. As soon as we got out the door and this little girl's feet hit the pavement, she was running! When she runs, her upper body leads, so we had some spills- but nothing major- nothing that a Mommy kiss couldn't fix. We ran to the park for some quick swining and sliding and hurried back, as it was mild, but not Spring people. We treasured the time Daddy was home on break, as you can see. Camryn just lights up for her Daddy, I like to think she does with me too, but especially with Daddy. He was defnitely her go-to guy over break. Back to school for Daddy today, but we survived.

The Face of Mischief

Happy Girl

My Loves

Which way to go next..

I love to see the wonder in these eyes. (Sorry I didn't have a tissue handy for the snot trickle)