Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Camryn- 1 Year

A friend on mine from college, once again, took Camryn's pictures. Below are some of my favorites! I have been absent from the blogging world dealing with a teething one year old who isn't sleeping the best these days, has a bit of a cold and is getting a little personality!! In addition to that, the school year has ended for Troy but he is finishing up his last class for his Masters in Admin! YEAAAAHH! We are both running a soccer camp this week and I also have 2 more in the coming week! Hence, we have just been super busy!

Camryn is now... taking some small steps on her own, loves dogs, calls everyone a baby, is intentionally playing more, blows kisses, knows what to do with her brush, a tissue, and where her bows go. (She is constantly pulling them out, then trying to get them back in!) It is just amazing how you see her little brain working ALL THE TIME!

Enjoy my 1 year old!!