Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day with my parents!

Happy Mother's day to all the Moms in my life and in blogging world! My closest "Moms"...a little shout out..

My Mom- After chasing around my budding walker and experienced crawler I have a new respect for you raising me early as a single Mother. You ( and Dad too!) have invested so much in me throughout the years and have shaped me into who I am today. As many times that I said it wouldn't happen...I have become you:) I love you today, tomorrow and forever! Thank you for your unending wisdom! I LOVE YOU!

My Mother-in-Law- You have raised the man of my dreams and a wonderful husband, father, friend, and person! I have a special love for you and you never cease to amaze me with your giving and thoughtfulness. You are wonderful- I LOVE YOU!

Aunt Bebe- My Godmother and "doer of all that my Mom hated" .aka...helping me cut my hair, feeding me sugar, taking us to Disney. You are so special to me and I treasure you!

Nana Brown- whom I call my namesake..sharing my middle name of May and now Camryn's too. You have been such a loving, selfless influence in my life. I have your smell and your smooth skin memorized! I love you so much.

Nana Swanger- I have so many fond memories of your backyard and holidays together. Even though time, and distance have kept us apart, I love you today like I always have.

Grandma Betty- I think of your generosity and your sweet spirit often. Your squeezes and kisses and support I knew I always had. You loved me like one of your own and I miss all your wisdom.

Grandma Knepp- I love that I feel as if I have been part of your family forever. I picture you making sure everyone is always happy. I love your sense of humor and the things you have done for Troy and I. You are so special.

Aunt Jenny- You thought you were my mother gorwing up, but I just call that being bossy:)
I still say you were more of my big sis than my aunt- you can always make me laugh, smile and always know the right things to say! You are a great Mom! LOVE YOU!

My sissy-in-laws- I couldn't have picked a better bunch! I love you!

My mommy friends- I appreciate your advice, listening ears, helping hands...this Mommy thing binds us together forever:)