Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Very Special Person and Prayer Request

Recently Troy, Camryn and I stopped in to visit my dear Uncle Jr. who is also my Godfather. It was a special visit as when I first learned of my pregnancy had no idea if Uncle Jr. would live to see this baby. Uncle Jr. is battling cancer and is currently undergoing treatment. There were times throughout the past year when the future looked bleak in terms of his diagnosis, but he, with God's grace, is pulling through..but not without challenges. He is currently on a cycle of chemo 5 days at a time with radiation every day as well. This will go on for 5 weeks. The doctors are hoping this radiation/chemo will have a significant effect on his tumors. We can only pray for it to be!!!! So far he has been in good spirits and still active and eating!
He has maintained his weight for at least 4-6 weeks now which is a good thing! He has full faith in his doctors and is taking it all day by day!

Please stand and pray with us that this treatment will continue to shrink and kill these cancer cells and that he may have life abundant. We are praying for a full and total recovery for him! Also, pray for my Aunt Brenda whom has been by his side throughout this process. Pray for strength for her as she loves and supports her husband through these times. Thanks prayer warriors!

My (Bethany) Uncle Jr. and Camryn meet for the first time!
Uncle Jr. telling Camryn how he used to hold me when I was as little as her!