Friday, June 5, 2009

There's no place like home..

We arrived home this morning around 1130. Camryn did awesome in her car seat..fussed a little then went right to sleep, and slept the entire way home! I stared at her the whole trip, she is just so perfect. Troy drove extra cautiously and I could tell he was trying to avoid the bumps-what a good dad! We arrived home, unloaded the car, the wash and all the hospital freebies and she kept right on sleeping!!! I fed her and once again she seemed to get a good latch and feed well. Troy and I took turns holding her and she slept the afternoon away..even when Uncle Cole and Aunt Joanna came to visit us. Jake and Jen made a drop in visit too- so nice to see everyone!

So far tonight Camryn has been really's the first time we looked at each other and didn't know what to do! Tomorrow we head to the pediatrician for them to check out possible jauntis..(spelled correctly?)...I'm kind of glad we are going as I have some questions to ask already!!!! Well, here goes night #3...let's see what it brings!

To echo what Troy said, thanks for all the cards/calls/emails/messages,/food/etc...we can't return responses to them all but please know that we are thankful for each one! God has blessed us with wonderful family and friends!!! Thanks for tuning in and once again keeping us in your prayers!!!!