Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We got to the hospital today around 7:45am. Upon entering the labor and delivery floor, we immediately heard a women screaming bloody murder! I told Bethany not to be scared…that woman can’t deal w/ pain like you can! After Bethany got the gel, she was put on a monitor for a little over an hour. The baby’s heart rate and movement were great, but her blood pressure was elevated again. We were sent home around 9:30.

Around 12:30, we went to see the doctor to check her progress. She was 2cm dilated and he said the head had dropped a bit. He also hooked her up to a monitor and once again, the baby’s heart rate and movement were great. Bethany began to have minor contractions at the office, so the doctor was pleased.

We are now at home resting…and probably going to take a walk soon. There is a possibility of going back into the hospital tonight….or we may have to wait until tomorrow, boo!

We’ll keep you posted! Thank you all for your prayers and encouraging words...they mean so much!