Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We're getting there...

Home again, home again..it seems recently every time I leave the house I am so ready to return home again and rest..today is no exception! I'm home..yeah!!!!!!!!

My last ultrasound this morning was at 9, I left the house around 8:15 after needing to change my shirt twice after wearing my breakfast. Troy is quick to point out how often I make a mess of myself these days, he does so lovingly of course:)

The tech that did my ultrasound was once again very nice and took some measurements right away of her head circumference, some of her bones and checked out her heart, kidneys, etc. She also checked the levels of amniotic fluid in 4 different pockets and noted that everything looked great. She kept trying to come back to get a good glimpse of her face, but this little girl must be camera shy, every time she would put up her hands or turn away. I did get a quick little peek at her profile, including her nose, and could also see her moving her mouth. It is truly AMAZING what technology can do for us these days.

My ultrasound appointment ended with the doc coming in to go over all the info. The first thing he said was that the baby's growth looked great and he was very pleased. He estimated her to be right around 8lb., give or take a few ounces. That was a relief to me that this baby isn't a 10 pounder!:) He also said that the cyst I have on my left ovary has not changed, it's shape, or diameter throughout this pregnancy, which means most likely it is a dermoid, otherwise just a benign cyst. PRAISE GOD! It is something that may need to be removed in the future, but is not cancerous! So overall a great report!

I then headed to my Dr's apt where my blood pressure and swelling were both reduced since the last time I was in last Thursday, which is another great report! No pelvic exam this time, much to my dismay, but I go again on Thursday and will have one then! I am believing that we make some more progress until then!
As much as I am ready to have this baby I must say how thankful I am for an overall easy pregnancy, I know things easily could have been much different. God has been faithful to us, and once again I can't help feeling blessed.