Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to all! Today is the day we remember those that have served our country in the past as well as the present. I am thankful for those that have fought and given their lives and those that are standing on battlefields today. Let's not forget to honor these brave men and women today!

Troy and I decided to have a pretty "low-key" memorial day today and not do any traveling, but we will certainly enjoy spending a quiet day at home making last minute baby preparations,(should she decide this is the week) sitting out on our deck, reading, and just plain relaxing.

Those of you that were fortunate to see my "kankles" and swollen sausages (toes) should be happy to know that the swelling has been reduced, so as long as I continue to obey Dr's orders, the rest of the swelling should take care of itself. Tomorrow is the big ultrasound at 9 a.m., then on for my weekly Dr. visit..I will keep you all posted at to a possible timeline and how big our little Fannie has grown!

Happy Memorial Day!