Saturday, February 27, 2010

Busy Mom's Bible

I was recently selected to receive and review a new Zondervan NIV "Busy Mom's Bible." I signed up and received it 2 weeks later. I opened the box to find a beautiful Italian leather duo-tone (in somewhat these colors!:) Bible. It is absolutely beautiful! One of the agreements to this free Bible is to write a review and link it to a site/blog. Here's my review.. I am keeping my word!
I was curious to discover the meaning behind the title"Busy Mom.."graced upon the cover of this Bible. I know that I am one of those and I know that reading my Bible sometimes gets lost in my daily activities.
Within the pages of God's Holy Word are small snip-its, intended for busy Mom's. I love that these snip-its are condensed so you can get right to the point, yet still have something to meditate on for the day.
There are sections of scripture and a connection to our children, followed by something to reflect upon and to include in prayer. Finally, there is a section titled "study" where you can journey to other related verses!
One of my favorite parts is the "word to take with today" Many times certain words seem to get stuck in my head and my mind ponders over them again and again. I sometimes end up spelling the word in my head, trying to use it in sentences or think about it's many meanings..really, I do do this, it's sometimes scary. I think this attention to a word is a great way to keep the scripture and teaching fresh in ones mind the whole day through.
I love my new Bible.