Sunday, January 24, 2010

Great Grandparents

Today Troy's Grandparents (Camryn's Greats) came to take us out for lunch! We decided to go for Hoss's..Grandma likes the soup and salad bar and we figured there wouldn't be much wait time for food! Hoss's, for that reason, is kid-friendly:) Camryn did a great job in her high chair with some toys and puffs- she even managed to get 1 in her mouth for every 5 dropped on the floor- but hey, she's learning. We even gave Grandma the important job of getting one in her (Camryn's) mouth every now and then so frustration didn't kick in. Camryn loved it, but I think Grandma loved it even more:) We all managed to eat, and Pap happily bounced Camryn as we finished up ice cream.

Pap and Grandma are very special people..always very generous and loving and would do anything for their family- here are some VERY SPECIAL pictures from our time together!