Saturday, January 16, 2010

Conquering sickness

My absence from my blog must have some people wondering and others life with a sick baby (pretty much for the first time) was a bit upside down. Camryn caught a cold about a week and a half ago and was MISERABLE for a few days. Baby girl would cough and cry, was so congested, couldn't sleep and the list was so sad to see her not know what was happening and try and figure out what to do to make herself feel better...there were so many times I wanted to hold a tissue at her nose and say, "blow, you'll feel better." but instead fought her with the aspirator and nose spray!! I am glad to say that we are finally over the hump and Camryn seemed more herself today..praise God!! Hopefully I can pick up my camera again soon and update you on Miss May.

I found a jar of quotes today that my mother-in-law gave Troy and I to read before Camryn was born- the tag read, "a quote a day while you wait for Fannie May." If you didn't know, we called Camryn the name Fannie before she was born while we decided on a was the first time I reflected on that...and thought to myself...thank God Troy didn't want that name to was fun while it lasted though:)

Tooth count is still at 7- we actually got a little finger brush that we brushed her teeth and gums with today...figured we may as well start good habits now, and if the little varmint has all these teeth..why not brush!!