Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Man After My Own Heart

I'm not going to lie- a crawling baby makes life so much busier! Hence me not posting in quite some time! And hence my wonderful hubby helping out with some chores. He was slightly against me taking these pictures, then turned into a good sport.:)

I recently bought this sling...having Camryn in her big-girl car seat requires her in a stroller/cart or arms when we run anywhere! Those once quick trips to the grocery store are long gone..except now with my sling they are making a comeback! I can carry her in, and still dig money out of my purse to pay a whole lot more efficiently! It makes life easier..note the "neutral pattern" of the sling, as it may one day need to be used for a boy!:)...but I AM NOT PREGNANT, THAT WAS NOT A HINT!!!

ANYWAY- Troy cleaned with Camryn on his hip! She loved it and he secretly did too! And me...I just think they are too cute!

Once again, I have an amazing husband who isn't "too good" for anything! I LOVE HIM!!