Wednesday, March 3, 2010

First Swimming Lessons

Doing the "Jay-Bird Float"..look at those chunky legs!!

Throw and fetch out in front!!

Love from Daddy! This melts my heart!!

A small group for first lessons...perfect!

First getting in the pool...

Tonight was Cam's first swimming lesson! She loves the tub so I figured the pool would be no different!

Troy and I ooooed and awwwed when we put her in her little suit and loaded her up to get to the pool. The district that Troy teaches in teams up with the Y to offer lessons, it's perfect for us!

We decided that Troy would go in the pool this time around, since he has conferences next week and won't be able to go. He was really excited and I could see that little twinkle in his eye.

Camryn got right in the pool with Daddy and without a fuss. They dipped down to their shoulders and bounced while singing. The instructor had Troy hold her to float on her back, and her belly. They also threw out a little toy ahead of them in the pool and Camryn had to paddle her arms to get to it. They went down a little raft slide and also used the noodles. Camryn liked best when Daddy blew bubbles in the water in front of her!

She did so well! ..We pulled in the garage and I looked back at her in the car seat and SHE WAS OUT! I didn't hear a peep the whole way home!
I am guessing she will sleep well tonight!