Thursday, September 24, 2009


the sun is in "the death grip"

"hmmmmm..what should I play with next?"

chubby legs

tired, soaked from drooling but... STILL PLAYING!!

Miss Camryn May has started to detest, I repeat detest, laying flat on her back. She has discovered that the world is so much more interesting when you are upright. THANKFULLY Jenny has passed on Hudson's exersaucer thinger that I can put her in so she can see everything! She loves it, but sometimes I think her little legs get tired from supporting a little weight (although she's mostly suspended:) Anyway, I have been putting her in it throughout the day and her favorite thing is the little wheel of animals that makes sounds. It says the animals name, then the name in Spanish, then plays a little ditty. She STARES it down as it is playing. Here she is exercising and drooling....probably drooling more than exercising!