Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Last night I fed Camryn and was just spending some special moments with her rocking her up in her bedroom- I cherish these little moments where she does want to be still and just lets Mommy hold her and cuddle! Troy always keeps the monitor on downstairs and I will tell him through the monitor when she is ready to go down for the night so he can come give Daddy kisses. Well every night I pray with Camryn- I have been praying like she know, in teacher terms-modeling for her how we pray. We cover our family and health and tell Jesus how much we love him and I always say at the end..and in jesus name we pray.....and I pause (as if Camryn can finish) WELL LAST NIGHT SHE DID- it was a babble that sounded exactly like AMEN, it was so cute and I heard Troy downstairs say, "No way!" It was the cutest thing, one of those things that just keeps making me's important to teach our children how to pray, mine is just starting early! AMEN!!