Monday, August 17, 2009

Today was quite adventurous as Mommy decided it would be a great idea to self-clean the oven. In my defense, some olive oil had dripped off the cookie sheet when I was making sweet potato ff (yum!)So every time I used the oven it was SMOKEY!! SO needless to say today was the day....yes, we had to throw open the windows and with it being as hot is was today we decided to get out and run some errands, well adventure #2 was Camryn's blowout in the car seat. Up until this point she would only poop when we were feeding her (something went in/something came out) We were hoping that it would stay that way but our wishes were in vain. We got home to a mess! Thankfully though we could laugh about it as I am sure there will be many more! It is around 9:11- Camryn is bathed, daddy is feeding her, and I have a spotless oven...all in all a good day! Here's a picture of our growing girl!