Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2 Month Check and SHOTS!

Today was Camryn's 2 month check up apt and the (drum roll) SHOTS! First for the good stuff, Camryn woke up this morning happy as a lark, I must add that this is her wake-up disposition every morning. I made chocolate chip pancakes for Troy and I and Camryn sat in her bouncy swing and talked and smiled! We got to the Dr's office and the nurse came into the waiting area and called Camryn's name. Well another lady with her baby got up as well as us, but her Camryn (probably Cameron) was a boy! It was crazy, the only 2 people in the waiting room and we both had Camryn's. So those of you that know the story can imagine the hairy eyeball I got from Troy (who was a skeptic in naming Camryn because it is TRADITIONALLY a boys name) Needless to say we made it to the examine room and the nurse says, "undress Mister Camryn down to the diaper." I got the eyeball from Troy again as he kept using she, and her in his responses to the nurse so she would get the hint. Thankfully, on the way home we both agreed that she won't be mistaken for a boy long as people notice her girly face, long eyelashes and stylish girl clothes mommy and daddy wear on her!:) And just to set the record straight, we are SUPER glad we named her Camryn...she's just a Camryn.:)And it's a GREAT girl's name!

So she now weighs a whopping 12 lbs (90th percentile), 23 inches (75 percentile) and 75th for her head size. She's a growing girl! Shots didn't start off so well as the nurse spun her around on the table to face her, I think she scared Camryn who immediately started crying, so she was crying even before the shots:( The first shot she let out this shriek and Troy and I both looked at each other, for we have never heard the cry of pain before--and let me tell you, it is pretty distinguishable:( She took the other 2 like a champ, daddy held and dressed her back up and she was just about asleep in the car seat when we left the office-PHEW! She came home and ate and slept another hour and a half and woke up SCREAMING! We finally calmed her to eat again, gave her another dose of Tylenol and she is sleeping again. (I think exhausted from crying)Anyway, I am hoping each hour hereafter gets a little better.... I realize now when mommy's and daddy's say they would "cut off an arm for their child" I wanted to take those shots for her!!!! Some pictures of the shot sites and our little lovie...pray for peace for her tonight as she sleeps!!