Friday, October 1, 2010

Camryn turns 16 months!

Whoever said that language starts to explode around this time of life WASN'T KIDDING! Camryn turns 16 months on Sunday, as is talk- talk- talking away. Here's her new vocab list complete with pronunciations-

Emma (same) *these are my friend's kids
Toby( BO) *
waffle (faf)
orange (on-yay)
sorry (so-ee)
puppy (woof woof)
sheep (baaa)
grape (p sound)
please (peeees) complete with her sign language chest rub.
She is also really enjoying her play food right now. She stirs and mixes and spoon feeds all her animals. She is SUPER sensitive and gives a kiss when I tell her to say sorry. She makes life so enjoyable but is REALLY BUSY!!

and she's done...