Wednesday, September 1, 2010

TIme, Time, where have you gone?

Well- we are off and running again! Daddy is back to school, Messiah soccer is in full swing and we are BUSY! I am keeping a friend's little girl 3 days a week so Camryn is enjoying having a playmate! Camryn has also moved to one nap a day and is still transitioning! She is doing better with each day!

Quick update:
- She now has all her one year molars and "regular" teeth
- She knows many animals and can say their sounds!
- She can run!
- She still loves fruit...especially peaches at this time of the year!
- She is sleeping 7-7 (thank you Lord)
-She can brush her own teeth and would prefer herself to do it over me:)
- She is still majorly attatched to her monkeys.
- We are working on drinking milk from a sippy cup and phasing out the bottle...
-We start kindermusik classes next week and I think she is going to love it!
- She tells "secrets" by whispering jibberish in your ear
-She tries to snap and loves to dance
-She is still obsessed with shoes and clothes (most of which she likes to wear over her head)

Needless to say she is growing and changing DAILY!