Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Intentional Play

giggling with Daddy...a common occurence!
snorting...picture this face and numerous snorts--hahahaha!

big girl standing....no steps yet though!

finding Daddy through the hole!


Camryn is really playing lately, as in intentionally playing. Previous play was slinging objects here and there and of course stuffing everything in her mouth. We got her a little kitchen that she loves! She can open the refrigerator, turn a light switch on and off, push the toast in the toaster down, etc! It's fun to see her really understanding things and having fun playing. She also waves to "hi", claps, does "so big", puts things up to my mouth for me to "taste",stands by herself at her walker, gets close to examine objects and faces through holes in toys, and my favorite...snorts like a pug. I need to get that one on video- just wait, it's coming!

Here are some pictures of Camryn playing!