Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's Been A While!

place of rest for the week! she slept great!

with her friend Emma..the other asst. coaches daughter

testing out the big bed's been some time now since I posted! We have been super busy since Thanksgiving and finally are back into a normal schedule! The reason for my long absence was the fact that both Messiah's Men's and Women's Soccer Teams made the final four held in San Antonio, TX. After much discussion we decided to make the trip as a family! We flew out last Wednesday and returned home Sunday..but not empty handed! Both teams WON the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP and our whole family witnessed it! Let me tell you, traveling with an infant is not east stuff and should both teams make it again next year..Camryn is headed to a weekend with one of her sets of grandparents!:) I must say..she was very good considering her age and the fact that we took her everywhere!! She was certainly a trooper! Our hotel was a few steps away from the Alamo and we had good intentions to get there but never really did:( I was planning on Texas being warm and maybe getting a chance to take Camryn swimming but no such was FREEZING! Literally it was 30 degrees for almost every game..ugh. I was so bus, I found it even hard to take pictures! One thing is for sure...we didn't' leave Texas without a cowgirl hat for Camryn!