Friday, July 3, 2009

Swimming and Mam and Pop's

Camryn had her first swimming lesson at Mam and Pop's this week. And despite what the picture looks like, she really did like it! For those of you that are thinking how terrible a mother I am for having my child swimming at 3 weeks old...don't fret, she was "swimming" in warm water in her baby tubby. :) I think actually Mommy and Daddy wanted to see her in her "kini" more than anything:) Anyway, cousins Cole, Carter, Chloe and Cali were there to watch and give little splashes. Chloe was cute when she asked me why Camryn didn't want to go in the real big pool and matter of factly told me that you don't swim in bathtubs. Chloe is very caring and loves to be around Camryn, even though Camryn isn't much of a playmate right now. I have a feeling Chloe is going to be leader of the girl cousins club--watch out Cole, Carter and Samuel!! Enjoy the pictures!